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Video Poker
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Video Poker Books
These books were written by experts and are loaded with useful information that will help you master Video Poker games. They aren't too expensive and are a fantastic investment, your next visit to a casino will be much more exciting, and profitable, when armed with the information and strategies contained in these books.

Video Poker: Optimum Play

This book will show you:

  • Why certain video poker machines offer the highest potential payback of any games in the casinos
  • How to recognize games that offer over 100% payback
  • How to avoid the deceptive short-pay machines

And much more!

The Video Poker Edge: How to Play...
For the left-brained set, Boyd's book is a boon: she excels in breaking down which hands to play, which types of video poker games offer better chances of payouts for large and small bankrolls, betting strategies and the different types of casinos and games readers can expect to find across the country.

Million Dollar Video Poker
Bob Dancer is the best known video poker player and writer in the world. In just six years, after coming to Las Vegas with a $6,000 bankroll, Dancer won more than $1 million playing beatable machines. Million Dollar Video Poker recounts the events of those six years, with stories about his meteoric ups and downs, and lessons for players of all skill levels. Video poker is one of those rare casino games that can be beaten by a talented and informed player, and Dancer explains how it’s done.

The Video Poker Answer Book
In The Video Poker Answer Book, John Grochowski gives his easy-to-understand insights in to how the machines work and the best strategies for attacking up-to-date variations on this casino standard.

The Ultimate Video Poker Experience
  • 541 multi and single deck video poker games, 12 different Payouts including Triple Double, Double Double, Super Deuces, Dueces Wild and Joker Poker and more.
  • Each payout includes 100 Play, 50 Play and 25 Play, Ten Play, Five Play, Four Play, Triple Play.
  • Multi-Strike and 3 Spin Poker games and more
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