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Video Poker
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About Video Poker

Video Poker has been around since the mid 1970s, about the same time the technology became available for personal computers. Since then the game has become extremely popular, taking a lot of floor space at big land-based casinos. It became normal for players who don't enjoy table games to turn to either slot machines or video poker games.

The game begins by betting either one or more credits, up to the max offered at that specific game. Then the computer deals out cards and the player is given a choice of which cards to keep and which to discard. Afterwards the game evaluates the hand and pays out (if a winning hand is shown) according to the paytable. Most video poker games require at least a pair of jacks to be eligible for a payout.

As time has passed and the game become more popular more variations have become available. A few examples are Deuces Wild, Triple Play, Ten Play, and even One Hundred Play. The paytables and winning hands are always visible, usually on the top of the screen. Video Poker is an easy game to learn and offers players many hours of entertainment.

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Most of the Video Poker games above are available in multi-handed play where you can play as many as 100 hands at once!
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